Hüven Mill

Hüvener MühleHüven mill is one of Europe’s last completely intact combined wind- and watermills. IT is situated at Mittelradde River a small feeder of the Hase. This very popular destination is one of the attractions of the Hümmling and also depicted on the coat of arms of the Lower Saxony-Bremen Mills Association.

The first documented mentioning of a watermill dates from 1534, but it probably existed already much longer at this place. The mill burnt to ashes in 1801. But 21st June 1802 a completely rebuilt watermill went on stream again. In 1851 a windmill was added onto the existing water mill, because Mittelradde River had hardly any water in dry weather conditions and building permission for an additional detached windmill was refused in 1812. Two years of restoration stopped gradual dilapidation and since 2006 the mill gleams in renewed splendour. The mill is now open to the public again and at various dates throughout the year the mill is working again, milling flower like in the old days. The building may also be hired for wedding ceremonies.

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